Thursday, May 05, 2005

Make Sure People Can Find Your Name!

Does your business have a website? Make sure people can find you by your name! It may seem almost silly but, the truth is people may not always find you by a search for your company name.

In early 2005, Google adjusted their search engine algorithms. This adjustment temporarily threw a lot of site rankings off when searching for the business names of those sites. Prominent search experts like Aaron Wall's were thrown out of their top ranking spots.

Can Your Site Be Found?
It is almost taken for granted that at minimum, a website ranks for the name of the business or website. It seems logical that a website for CompanyA will show up in a search for "CompanyA". But, the algorithm adjustment revealed a disturbing problem that even the name of a business may not be found in a search engine search!

This is a vulnerability particularly if your business name is "John Smith Plumbing", "Jane Smith Accounting", or "A-1 Roofers". These kinds of names are a dime a dozen and highly common.

How to Make Adjustments!
Make sure your site is optimized for your own business name! Stick to the SEO basics to help keep your site optimized for your business name.
  • Use H1, H2, or H3 tags for your business name, where appropriate
  • Use your business name and/or website name in the content copy of your site
  • Don't keep using "home" to link to the main page - use your business name or website name sometimes as the link "anchor text" to the main page
  • If you have a physical location with addresses, hours or other contact information, list them throughout the site; it helps serve your readers and helps search engines find you by name.


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