Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NO to the Auto Industry Bailout

I am not alone in saying NO the auto industry bailout. Many Americans feel the same way. The reasons may vary but most people I know don't want this bailout - including my Democrat friends.

We all feel the same way - why should our tax dollars be put into bailing out antiquated, inefficient, irresponsible companies?

Democrat and Republican voters might have differing views on the UAW and their role in the inefficiencies and irresponsibility of the Big 3, but we agree that the auto makers need reform and that those reforms should NOT be financed by our tax dollars.

I think most American voters are not comfortable with paying more taxes to fund a bailout of big companies when all of us are hurting and need our own individual bailout.

I personally hate Ford, GM, and Chrysler. I hate the companies because they make crappy cars. Their trucks suck; nothing more than giant gas-guzzling, top-heavy, road-hogging pieces of crap. Those things can't keep value, are loaded with extra crap, and are highly over-priced with average starting prices at $25,000. I drive an import. I have been a Honda man - and have lately found great value in Hyundai's Sonata - features, reliability, and great price. There's nothing in Ford, GM, or Chrysler's inventory even remotely close to that quality or value. Plus, there's no sedan that any of those Big 3 offers that is at all comparable to the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, or Hyundai Sonata.

I also hate the UAW and union workers. On top of, clearly, overpaid executives that continue to fumble the ball managing the Big 3, union auto workers are classic examples of overpaid, underworked labor. These guys make more money than I do, have more benefits than my job offrs, and I have a friggin college education! A college education is supposed to offer MORE economic opportunities, right? What gives? But I am not mad about them making more money - that's part of this society to be able to succeed spectacularly or fail miserably. What I don't like is the idea that the auto maker executives AND union workers want tax-payer money to continue to fund their cushy overpaid, underworked, lazy butts. Why should the government take the food out of my mouth to help their worthless butts keep their jobs?

I can say this with clarity because my job is non-union. So why should I support any union jobs with my tax dollars? It's a rhetorical question because I don't support it.

I can also say all this with clarity because Honda and Toyota manufacture their cars here in the US and they use non-union labor. They bring manufacturing plants to places OUTSIDE of Detriot and Michigan to places like Tennessee. These companies do very well. They employ workers, they sell their cars because the cars are well-built and have great value. The companies are efficient in manufacturing, keeping costs down, and they produce wise cars. Oh, and they also don't cheapen themselves by selling fleet vehicles.

Now if Honda and Toyota can do this, so can US automakers. US automakers can have fairer, non-union labor. They can make fuel-efficient, small cars. They can push the envelope of automotive engineering. Better manufacturing, better engineering - all of this is possible and it's been done already! The Big 3 - both management and union - are just way too lazy to evolve.

That's why I say NO to the bailout. Screw these guys. Let the fall, let them rot. They refuse to change for the better - and yet want tax payer money to help them to keep their ways? NO! Money is a great incentive - and they should be forced to change under duress.

Management needs to trim the fat. The surviving managers need to be driven like slaves to install refined and efficient manufacturing - and better business models. Engineers need to be slave-driven to push automotive engineering for more reliable and fuel-efficient cars. And Labor needs to "de-unionize". The union needs to be broken. When manufacturing is so streamlined with automation, there's no reason auto workers should be so highly overpaid. Labor is labor - if you are paid to press a button, you should be paid a wage befitting pressing a button.


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