Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Domain Extensions .JOBS & .MOBI = Branding Opportunity?

Are There Branding Opportunites with .JOBS & .MOBI Domain Extensions?

Recently, the new domain extensions .jobs and .mobi were made available to purchase. When these first alternative domain extensions like .net, .tv, .us and others were created, it looked like the leper of domain extensions (primarily .com, .org, .edu, and .gov).

But that has changed over the years, and in particular, in the last few years, these extensions have become far more accepted.

While .com remains the most popular, most "good" .com names are already claimed. As a result, some .coms are getting longer and longer. Long .com names, however, maybe difficult to remember and worse yet, frustrating to type in. Just think about how mad you'd be to type in (Simpson's reference...!).

Increasingly companies are using .net as their main web address in place of .com. Some, however, have gotten creative in using the other domains available.

Take for instance the popular social bookmarking site It spells the word "delicious". The site has nothing to do with cooking. But everything about the site and the company's branding is "".

What's the Opportunity?
True entrepreneurs know how to look for opportunities in every situation. I think with a little creativity, you can figure out how to use .tv, .jobs, .mobi, .biz and other domain extensions.

Take for instance .jobs. Maybe you are a recruiter for the nursing industry. You may want to create "nursing. jobs" to attract prospects.

Or for .mobi - even though it is intended for mobile sites - the "mobi" sounds kinda cute. So maybe you decide to create a cute sounding site like

The key is that these domains, instead of being "domain leprosy", can actually be very useful for your branding. With a little creativity, you can make the domain extension a part of your branding.

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