Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MSFT Bing is NOT the Winner in Google Pulling Out of China

Now that Google is 99.9% certain it will pull out of China, there is speculation that Microsoft Bing will be the winner and be able to snatch more market share. After all, with Google out of the picture, Microsoft can compete on more even ground against Baidu, Sina, or Sohu, right?

That's conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom also says that Google pulling out of China is a bad business move.

After all, Google would be pulling out of a country that has 1.3 billion people with 600 million of them in urban areas (presumably connected to the Internet). China's urbanized population alone is DOUBLE the entire population of the United States. Plus, China is estimated to be about 20% of the world's population. Conventional wisdom says this is a market that Google should learn to appease.

But conventional wisdom has more than once been proven wrong. Google is making a bet on Mobile

Google, if and when it pulls out of China, will essentially be breaking up with a cantankerous woman. A woman who is fine, but just way too full of drama.

Google's "lover on the side" or "cut buddy" is Mobile. And that's where Google is placing its bet on. Google itself has made plenty of strides into Mobile including the AdMob purchase and Nexus One.

If and when Google perfects mobile search and mobile ads, Google will not only command desktop search, it will command mobile search. And in Asia, Europe, and emerging economies, access to Internet through mobile devices is far more prevalent than in the US.

While Bing chases after Google's desktop search crumbs, Google is setting up the table and dining hall for mobile search.

Over the course of the next few days and weeks, I will be exploring Google and China and Mobile. I will be putting out a collection of articles on Google and China with more details, analysis, and references.

These will be followed by analysis and details on International SEO, Mobile SEO, and the future of the Internet & SEO.

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