Thursday, May 05, 2005

Synchronize Your Website with Your Offline Ads

If your business markets and advertises in the local newspapers, coupon mailers, and other ad venues, make sure you match those ads on your website.

Big Businesses Synchronize Ads...
Big businesses have only recently started to pick up on the power of synchronizing their websites with their offline ads and commercials. is an example of a business synchronizing their website with their Super Bowl commercial. In the days before the Super Bowl, during and after the Super Bowl, witnessed a spike in traffic as people clamoured to see the "GoDaddy Girl".

Another example is the Dove and Pontiac product placement on the hit show The Apprentice which increased web traffic for and

...Small Businesses Should Too
If the big guys see benefit to synchronizing ads with website content, why not small businesses? Small businesses that advertise in local newspapers, coupon mailers, and other ad spaces, should synchronize their websites with their offline ads.

For small businesses, synchronizing your website content with your offline adveritsing can help increase traffic, increase your business, and increase your marketing ROI.

Consistent Image Reinforces Prospects & Helps Them Remember
If your ads contain your website address, having that same ad on your website builds a consistent image for your business.

The consistent marketing and image reinforces what your prospects sees both online and in the ads. This helps prospects remember your business and website better.

Prospects Want Assurance You Know What You Are Doing
Synchronizing your website with your latest ads also makes your website look very updated and modern.

Remember, prospects who visit your page want to see what you are about. A well maintained and active website demonstrates to them that you know what you are doing. It demonstrates to them that you care enough to put the effort to give them the information they wanted to see from you.

Ultimately, it gives prospects the confidence to do business with you which equals to revenue for you!


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