Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Been a While for AK Works - New Blog Coming Out

It's been a while since AK Works Blog has come out. Big changes here at AK Works. The company was always a consulting company but will be moving into more SEO research with a focus on International SEO and Mobile SEO.

Why is this the case? Because the future of SEO and business is International.

As an active investor, I look for companies with international exposure to invest in. With the financial meltdown for the last 2-3 years, the case for investing in companies with international markets is even stronger.

For SEOs, the majority of work and understanding of SEO has been English-based and US/UK centric. To stay relevant, SEOs must learn business in the 2010s and the business priorities of this new decade.

Inevitably, this leads to International SEO.

While there are still plenty of SEO business in working with the SMBs of the United States, Canada, and even the UK, SEOs as a profession need to be versed in the global business landscape.

The SEO profession can only survive and remain relevant if SEOs fill business needs of all spectrum from the mom-and-pops to the local SMBs to the global Fortune 500 enterprises.

AK Works will spend time researching the global search landscape, the mobile landscape, and present data and analysis. We will also present case studies of existing projects that we do as well as research and results from our existing projects.

This blog will be used as one vehicle for the main website, currently at AK Works. Blog posts will originate there but also be promoted here as well. That site will be redesigned shortly.

Our goal with AK Works and with the blogs is to present data, third-party and primary market research, and critical analysis on International SEO, International markets, China & Asia markets, developments in International Search, Mobile SEO, mCommerce, and also stock investing in SEO-related firms.

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