Saturday, May 07, 2005

DO NOT USE Google Web Accelerator!

If you value your personal information and security, do NOT use Google Web Accelerator!

Google recently launched Google Web Accelerator, a tool that is supposed to make web page loading faster. Part of the technology to allow this ability is Google caching websites and loading a cached website on your browser.

Security Flaws with Web Accelerator
Unfortunately, the technology comes with serious security flaws. It tracks all of the pages you visit and caches that information, and acts, in fact, like an ISP. For your information, your ISP has a wealth of information on you such as your passwords. However, your ISP is bound to keep such information private - Google, however, is not! Google Web Accelerator can cache your password information, even your online statements and be able to serve them up.

According to eWeek, Google confirmed on Friday, May 6 that at least 5 websites returned Web Accelerator users cached pages of other people's user names and accounts. Google blames the negative results on websites with improperly coded cache-control headers.

A Storm Over Google Fiasco
Their assessment set off reactions from web developers both positive and negative. A fury of negative reactions have plastered the web since Google lauched Google Web Accelerator. Fantomaster, an internet marketing expert and software developer, has been keeping a comprehensive log on this apparent Google fiasco.

Better Safe Than Sorry
If you value your privacy and online security, it is best for you to NOT install Google Web Accelerator. Whether or not the problem is improperly coded cache-control headers or buggy software design in Google Web Accelerator (the product is still in beta-testing), the risks are too great. Identity theft and other dangers are prevalent enough online - there is no need to involve greater risk.

Until Google perfects the product and relaunchs, it is best for you to NOT install Google Web Accelerator.

Searchenginewatch forums have more detailed information about the dangers of Google Web Accelerator.


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