Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Entrepreneur Tip: Learn to Write Well

Writing is important. There is no greater turnoff than a marketing collateral that has simple misspellings or wrong grammar like "they're, their, and there" or "you're, your" and so on. But even beyond that, good professional writing is important.

A prospect recently asked me to evaluate her website. As I reviewed her site, it was clear that the writer was not professional. The voice was clearly biased, there was no third-party view, and it was clear that the writer did not understand the audience.

The site was designed for an annual event but had very little content about the event itself. But the thing that caught my eye was the management team's bio. Each bio was like a self-glorified homage to themselves.

As an entrepreneur (and in SEO copywriting), it is important to know your voice, the purpose of what you're writing, and who you are writing to. No one should write like Norm Chomsky, Dave Barry, or Kurt Vonnegut. No one should write like a text book or law book.

What you should do is write professional copy. Decide if you need to speak directly to your reader or not. Establish these things as you write your copy and always, proof and proof again before launching on a website!


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