Monday, April 24, 2006

New Beginnings for AK Works the Blog

Looking back on the last few entries, it has been several months since the last blog update. This is a new beginning for this blog as more topics are explored, more musings are ruminated, and industry news are discussed.

Since the posts seem kinda long, many of the posts will be expanded into articles that will be published on Servaunt. I will probably also distribute them through article submission sites.

Some topics will be explored into full books. Realtor marketing is one such planned book. Others are in the works and will follow.

One of my plans is to write a whole series of books focused on a particular industry. The book would detail how a hair stylist, for example, can maximize the use of a website to better market, capture data, and develop the business.

Much like how I wrote about the selling in the church, these books would help would-be entrepreneurs get into the right mindset and push their business thinking to another level.

Ultimately, I pray these books become a blessing to many who read them.


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