Saturday, April 22, 2006

Reflection: Time Passes Fast for Businesses

When it was January 2006, one of board members of the BCBPA, my church's business ministry, told everyone at a networking event that anyone without a business plan by the end of January or February is late and has lost 2006.

I agreed with him then, and I still agree with him today. Yet it still astounds me how fast time flies. It is now April 22, 2006. In business, we are already in May and planning for June.

And of course, there is NEVER enough time in the day. Even running on 5 hours of sleep daily, it is incredibly difficult to get all that you need or want to get done - done!

Experienced managers and enterpreneurs say the only way to do it all is to set your day with tasks and not stop working until you get them done.

But, that still does not make it any easier when you realize that in business, when you reach May, you are in June and when you reach June you are really already in July and August - and so on.

I guess it puts a different spin on "When you're early, you're on time. When you're on time, you're late. When you're late, you're dead."


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