Monday, June 13, 2005

AK Works Returns Again

It's been over a month since the last entry. I've been busy here with a lot of new things happening at AK Works.

First, I've teamed up with some web designers and developers to form a full-service web agency. We've formed a business syndicate called Servaunt.

Servaunt consists of AK Works, Inspyr Design, and Servaunt - originally a web development and design company. With the syndicate of 3 interactive specialists, we can each focus on our specialty and service our clients better.

Right off the bat, we've been busy with projects, new clients, and new prospects. AK Works will still function as an interactive marketing blog for small businesses.

But now AK Works features the following:
  • SEO services both local & national
  • SEO consulting
  • SEM services & consulting
  • Intergrated Interactive consulting
  • Monetizing websites consulting
  • Consultation & creation of specialized, ROI-driven, results-driven landing pages
I'm excited to be able to offer these services to many of our small business clients. Many of our clients don't have access to this kind of specialized information, don't have the time to hunt and research it all, or aren't even aware of its existence.

With this marketing blog and our forth-coming articles, I will be able to offer more tools, information, knowledge, and resources to other small businesses.


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