Thursday, July 15, 2010

China Has 420 Million Internet Users

China reportedly has 420 million Internet users, 277 million of them accessing the Internet via mobile devices.

The Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released its survey showing that since the end of 2009, in the first half of 2010 alone, China has increased Internet users by 36 million to 420 million.

Of the 420 million Internet users, 277 million accessed the Internet via mobile phones!

To give perspective, the US population is roughly 300 million. Japan's population is roughly 130 million. These figures are total population inclusive of men, women, children.

US Population:
From Blogger Pictures

Japan Population:
From Blogger Pictures

The numbers here are huge. This kind of market, by pure numbers, are unbelievable and haven't even touched a saturation point yet for China's total population.

Naturally, it was wise for Google to be friends with China again regardless of Google's less than 30% market share or < 1%>

Now Google needs Android phones to make a bigger inroad to capitalize on mobile search!

But these figures also reveal an important thing and reality of the future of the Internet and the future of SEO: the future of the Internet is global Internet community and a global Internet is based on mobile Internet.

The Western and industrialized nations are at a saturation point and growth will depend on the developing nations and China.

Look at the populations of China, India, Brazil vs. US & Japan. Japan's trend is actually flatlining while China and India are growing exponentially. Brazil and the US are growing steadily but Brazil is a hot emerging economy.

The SEO professional must be aware of International search and mobile search and track and understand the changes - in order to remain relevant.

International Search is the future of SEO and the future of International SEO is Mobile Search. International Search is Mobile Search. International SEO is Mobile SEO.

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