Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Does Your Small Business Use PR?

One of the challenges of small businesses is to get attention without paying megabucks for advertising. One of the best ways to get that kind of attention - short of pulling incredible publicity stunts - is to create press releases.

Benefits of Press Releases
A press release does not automatically help you get attention. The press release needs to be published and then it can be picked up by newspapers, journals, and others before you get the attention you want.

One of the online marketing values of press releases is that once published, the press release provides a link to your website and other websites can link to your site or the press release. The benefit is that there is more traffic to your site and can boost your site's popularity and search rankings - which can ultimately result in more business.

A List of PR Resources
A post by SearchEngineWatch forums moderator "mcanerin" lists several PR submission websites that he says he knows are reputable PR resources:

You can create and submit press releases for your company using those resources above. PRWeb has a press release template and tips to help you get started.

Another good PR source, especially for small businesses, is to use your local area chamber of commerce and business associations. These resources have the power and connections to get you local attention which may increase your business andlead to more regional and national press attention.

So what is PR news worthy? Pretty much any news for your company is news worthy. Did you just launch and have an unique angle on your business? Did you secure a new client or new partnership? If it's information that is worth telling to people, outside of your family, it's worth creating a press release.


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