Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Using Repetition for Branding Recall & SEO

Pay attention to the next radio commercial. When they read off a phone number, how many times is it repeated? Now repeat this experiment a few more times and note the repetition pattern.

I personally find radio commercials repeat 3 times. I also find that TV commercials will repeat as well - though in varying ways from radio commercials (naturally - different medium).

Now, one might think radio and commercial are different mediums - but what does that have to do with Internet and SEO?

Well - in years past, SEO was achieved with endless, mindless repetition. Such practice is called keyword stuffing and known to be useless in the major search engines. But, repetition is still important, even in SEO.

When an engine evaluates what your webpage and website is about, it requires enough repetition to understand what your main subject is about. When you do keyword analysis over whether the page you are optimizing is optimized enough, keyword repetition is one of the analysis factors.

So, remember to incorporate repetition into your marketing. Don't repeat slogans or taglines that you think are cute. Repeat ideas, topics, subjects, key points that you want your audience to take away.

Make sure you build repetition and consistent repetition in your website, in your brochures, and throughout all of your marketing material.

Repetitions include text and visual repetitions. Image placement, certain colors, select designs, and others that are part of your marketing should be repeated.

Don't over do the repetition - but don't forget it!


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