Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Myspace Advertising & Promotion: Is It for You?

If you have been paying attention to the media recently, Myspace has been all the rage. For both good and bad, Myspace has been gaining tremendous exposure.

On one hand, Myspace has been exposed as a vulnerable marketplace for pedophiles. Stories abound about Myspace encounters between pedophiles and children that, in some instances, had tragic results. Here are some dangers with children using Myspace. Also here and here.

On the other hand, Myspace has been tauted by the online marketing and advertising industry as a god-send. In particular, advertisers and marketers salivate over the access to the coveted teen and young twenties crowd. Here and here are examples of the marketing industry's exploration of using Myspace for ads. And of course it helps when Myspace is rated the #1 website in the US.

But the question stands: is Myspace a valid advertising or promotion place for your business?

There are plenty of individuals who use Myspace as a place to promote their business. Many prolific Myspace promoters are MLM/Network Marketers. Others include realtors, loan officers, and other small business entrepreneurs.

The most visible "businesses" are entertainers. Models, musicians, designers, and others able to display their creative work on their profile. In fact Myspace originally was created to help promote indie bands and musicians.

But the interesting thing about Myspace is that many others are starting to use Myspace as well. Politics is one "industry" getting involved with Myspace. Here and here are examples of politics working with Myspace.

Entertainers, aggressive entrepreneurs, and even politicians are using the site. The social network, the social culture and the "Myspace ecosystem" offers appealing numbers and infrastructure.

So, is Myspace for your business? It's really up to you. Do news reports of Myspace as a predator paradise deter you? Or do the benefits of reaching all those users outweigh the risks?

My personal opinion is that unless you fall into an entertainment industry or offer consumer products that the youth demographic REALLY wants (cellphones, clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.) then don't bother.


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