Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cool Businesses: Rubber Side Walks

This is a new thing I'll be doing on this blog. I call it "Cool Businesses" because I would like to highlight some businesses or sites that really captures my attention, my values, or my imagination.

I'm going to start off with this company called Rubbersidewalks, Inc. I found them through a recent news article.

What the company does is create and market rubber sidewalk panels to replace concrete sidewalks. The rubber sidewalks use recycled car tires. These panels provide a more resilient sidewalk compared to concrete. It is more expensive to install but lasts longer and requires less maintenance than concrete sidewalks.

Like much of what I term "green technology", the costs upfront are higher but long-term savings reduce the lifetime cost of the green technology compared to conventional technology.

These panels lasts better in cold climates between the freeze and thaw temperatures. The softer padding are also said to be better for people's feet and back. I personally would like to run on a stretch of these panels.

But I like the company because it illustrates what is possible with green technology. I am convinced the US MUST take the charge on cutting edge green technology to sustain itself in the future. Eventually, industrialized and developed nations will need to turn to alternative energy and use recycled materials. The US should be at the head of all of that technology and sell it to these nations.

Regardless, I applaud Rubbersidewalks for their work on improving, advancing, and marketing green technology!


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