Thursday, July 15, 2010

Google Sites Has Largest Audience in Asia Pacific Region

Google sites have the largest audience in Asia Pacific!

Earlier in July, comScore released research through a webinar that showed Google sites have the largest audience in Asia Pacific region.
  • Google Sites led as the most-visited property in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam
  • Yahoo! Sites attracted the most visitors in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan
  • Microsoft Sites led the market in Australia reaching 93 percent of online users
  • Local entities topped the list in China and South Korea, with Tencent Inc. and NHN Corporation reaching the largest percentage of Internet users
  • In the Philippines, reigned as the most-visited destination reaching 93 percent of online users, the highest penetration of any global market for the social networking site
Of course with a huge percentage of the human population based in the Asia-Pacific region, no wonder that Asia, specifically China, is hot.

Data like this research helps marketers value the importance of geo-specific regions and which web properties are best to leverage for maximum visibility, exposure, and awareness. And right now - Asia is hot.

International Search is the future of SEO and the future of International SEO is Mobile Search. International Search is Mobile Search. International SEO is Mobile SEO.

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