Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Choose Marketable, Brandable Domain Names

Your website domain name is very important. By now, most people know this - but they may not understand this.

Your website domain name is a marketing tool. Not in terms of SEO (although there are some perceived benefits), but in terms of recall and recognition.

Marqui domain names do not have numbers in them and are short enough to remember and spell easily. Domains that contain numbers, unless it is part of the company name like "Pizza 2 Go" (hence, then numbers in domains do not belong.

Now, you might say, but what if all the good domains are taken? For example, say local carpet retailer Carpet Seller wants a domain. Let's say the domain is taken - but is not. Should Carpet Seller take it? The wise marketing answer is NO!

Domain Names to Avoid
Avoid domain names that:
  • are long and hard to remember: Ex. is bad
  • are long and full of dashes: Ex. (these are hard to remember and also typically the type of domains used by spammy sites - very poor form)
  • uses numbers when no numbers are in the company name: Ex. Carpet Seller = (this is bad)
How Do You Choose Good, Marketable Domains?
Look harder, look deeper! Remember your domain name is a marketing tool. How easily will you be remembered? Try this:

By themselves, the domains mean very little. Combined with the offline marketing they have, they are pretty recognizable.

You might say but those are big companies! Well, yes, but are you special or just average? If you are special, don't you want a brandable name that is easy to recall? Do you want to be or Or maybe you want to be

Think about what's easier to remember - what rolls off the tongue more? Be creative while practical with your domain name.


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