Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Educational Business-Oriented TV Shows

On PBS there used to be some great educational TV shows about entrepreneurs. But they seemed to have disappeared from PBS' programming.

Yet the success of The Apprentice doesn't seem to have brought on other business TV show copycats. Why?

I would love to see an American Chopper like educational-reality TV show about entrepreneurs, about starting a business.

Several years ago, I watched a documentary called "" about a startup during the waning days of the dotcom bubble before it burst. It came out in 2001 - when the bubble burst, so it was apt. Now, while it showed failure, post dotcom burst and post The Apprentice success, this type of programming should be resurrected.

If network TV is willing to dump Survivor copies and milk it for so long, why not attempt something more educational and copy The Apprentice?

Oh, and NO - The Benefactor does not count! Nothing against Mark Cuban - but the show sucked.

But I think the Discovery Channel's model of educational, entertaining reality TV vis a vis American Chopper, Monster House - and the other copycats like Trading Spaces and others - are ripe for a business-oriented TV show.

Also, the Food Network did some specials that showed the start of chef services, Bobby Flay's restaurant opening, and so much more.

I think more of these types of shows should be produced. Any takers?


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