Saturday, April 29, 2006

True Church Marketing: See a Need, Fill a Need?

True Church Marketing?
To me, true Church Marketing is really communicating the works of God. God is not mocked and He does not need an advertising campaign or a marketing campaign to show himself. But, He does need the faithful to follow His commands on evangelizing and "marketing" the Gospel.

In other words, the product is already there. The product - the Gospel, the works of God - is already there. Church Marketing is really letting the product speak for itself.

God's Way: See a Need, Fill a Need
I think the best Church Marketing is really following a simple Godly principle (which is also a great business and marketing principle): see a need, fill a need.

I watched the movie Robots recently and one scene really stood out to me. It was when Rodney Copperbottom, the main character, went to the big city to find his dream job. He lands in a decripit neighborhood where all these other robots are in need of repair but can't find parts because the main company stopped making them.

Rodney begins fixing some of the robots, and before long, the entire neighborhood is coming to him to fix them.

This situation has church parallels: seeing a need a filling it. Some of today's big corporations began in similar fashion by seeing a need and filling it. To me, that's true Church Marketing.


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