Monday, May 15, 2006

Looking for a Marriage of SEO Analytics and CRM

In a previous post, I talked about SEO and CRM as something that small businesses need to take into consideration.

From an SEO point of view, this seems like a logical next step as part of a rounded service for our customers. There are some SEOs who believe their job is strictly boosting a website's search engine rankings. And in fact, there are customers who consider SEOs to be just that - and measure SEOs based on promises of ranking performance.

But other SEOs take a more holistic approach. They believe SEO requires more and should be measured by factors such as search engine visibility, conversion rates, and more.

The problem, however, is not in the ability of SEOs to measure their results, but in the ability of clients to quickly see the results themselves.

I've worked with clients who had CRM and SEOs work on their sites. Some clients with CRM question what they are paying for because they don't "see any results." Others who work with SEOs claim the same thing.

Yet even after a detailed report analyzing the results - many are disappointed. Primarily because their own expectations weren't met (everyone seems to believe they'll be the exception and strike it rich).

This leads me to believe that a CRM system that incorporates SEO analytics to datamine an SEO campaign is necessary. Current CRM systems allow for marketing campaign analysis and datamining - but nothing that is particular to SEO or even PPC. Hopefully, the next evolution in CRM is incorporating that analysis into a marketing campaign - particularly as SEO continues to grow into a critical element in a marketing mix.


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