Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Church Marketing" Sucks

I have a problem with "Church Marketing" and I personally think there is a danger with Church Marketing. It is not the idea of Church Marketing that bothers me. It is the practice of Church Marketing.

Is This Church Marketing: Church Ads on Cable?
The United Church of Christ is making a big push this year on cable networks. I've seen plenty of UCC commercials and "sponsored by" ads on cable programming. They even have some beautiful websites to support their campaign (here and here). I think the message is beautiful.

But, I am left thinking: is that what the church does with the money that is given to it? Even as a believer I wonder if this is the best use of resources. And I wonder how does this come off to unbelievers?

This is why I have a problem with Church Marketing. In my opinion, the purpose of church marketing is to communicate the Gospel in a better and more effective way. But that way does not mean resorting to the same carnal methods of the world.

I like and Heal Your Church Website. These two are among others that address Church Marketing, web design, and marketing communication. Sometimes they have critical thinking that is very analytical, thought-provoking, or on-point with Church Marketing.


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