Friday, April 28, 2006

Having Fun with Business Titles

Well a previous rant about business titles has got me just going on and on for no reason. Probably the absurdity of it has me amused. And also probably cause it's so late at night.

My business partner has "Chief Technical Officer" as his title instead of the more standard business title of "Chief Technology Officer".

But in my state state of "je ne sais quoi", I see it as "Chief Tactical Officer". Now I'm the Chief Marketing Officer and again, in my state of "I don't know what", I see it as Chief Mobilization Officer.

See, ever since my days with the boy scouts, I've had a somewhat paramility fetish. And to me Marketing, has some military language that tickles me.

And with Garden Storm and War Room on my mind - following the whole German name to it (how much more "military" can you get than using German names?) - I decided to just get creative:
  • der Sturmgarten
  • das Kriegzimmer
  • der Oberstermarketingfuhrer (the proper term is "Oberhauptmarketingoffizier") - Chief Marketing Officer, or Leader
  • der Oberstertechnologiefuhrer (the proper term is "Technischer Direktor") - Chief Technology Officer, or Leader
  • Oberster Befehlshaber der Gesellschaft - Chief Executive Officer
  • Marketingsturmtruppen - Sales Reps
Anyway, that was fun - silly but fun. Here's a great site for simple language translations.


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