Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Storm Garden, War Rooms and Bizarre Business Nomenclature

One company I work with has this VP of Marketing that likes to make up words. On his office door, he has a sign that says "Garden Storm" and "War Room".

Every time I see it I think of the "stormtroopers". Not the Star Wars Stormtroopers but the Nazi ones. So for me, "Garden Storm" becomes "Sturmgarten" and "War Room" becomes "das Kriegszimmer" (German is a cool language).

Another company I work with has names like "Client Service Manager" and "Customer Advocate" to really mean "customer service" and "project manager".

Creative Titles From the Dotcom Bubble Burst
I think back to the heyday of the Dotcom Bubble when companies had all kinds of crazy titles. I recall that for an early company I started (called Everything's Fun), I created the title of "Net Director" meaning the CTO. I put that name down on a business plan and folks went crazy for it.

Silicon Valley had bizarre names like "Evangelist", "Guru", and other names. Looking back at it, they all sound so dumb and silly. This website has some dotcom goofups. The site is dumb now - post dotcom bubble burst, but the archives dating back to '99, '00, and '01 are good.

Be Efficient - Speak Business Language
For me, at some point, these names are all pointless. Action speaks louder than words - and adequately descriptive titles are, well adequate.

Creativity is great - but business is business and communication is communication. Speaking the same business language lets us all focus on the task at hand - not the frivolous worthless titles. Communication and execution is the most important thing in business.


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