Thursday, April 27, 2006


SEO and CRM do not seem to be topics discussed together by many SEO firms or SEO experts. That's probably because CRM is usually beyond what SEOs focus on or offer.

CRM stands for "customer relationship management". It is a software that allows a company to manage leads from start to close and to manage the continual relationship with that customer. CRM is inline with BI - business intelligence software.

But I find it important for small companies working on SEO to have a bigger competitive edge than just SEO. CRM is the backbone for companies to manage the sales process and the ongoing customer relationship.

Here is a good CRM blog with blogrolls to many other CRM blogs and CRM websites.

Servaunt takes CRM seriously as a way for small businesses to be competitive. Open Source CRMs like SugarCRM help make it more affordable for small businesses to have a CRM system.

For small businesses, being competitive with the big boys means providing your customers with excellent service and quality - beyond that which your bigger competitors can offer. So, for small businesses that want to be more competitive, CRM and SEO may be the best combo choice.


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