Thursday, April 27, 2006

SEO for Impulse Buys & Niche Markets

SEO for Impulse Buys & Niche Markets for More Sales

Every once in a while, I get impulsive buy urges. Chocolate fountains, peacock feathers, business card cases, and even wax seals.

I am one of those consumers who likes to research before I buy - just so I can compare apples to apples. I am amazed at the kinds of research I can gather just by conducting a random search like "wax seals" or "peacock feathers". Where do I go to search? Search engines of course!

My impulse buy journey leads to SEO.

Is your website optimized for such impulse niche market searches? An SEO campaign is supposed to target specific searches. A more targeted search term should bring more targeted traffic ready to convert into a sale.

When prospects come to me and bemoan that they do not have hits, one of the things I look for are niche SEO opportunities. Any opportunity where niche searches can be served is included in my analysis and proposal.

Optimizing your website for niche products and services can help you be more visible, open up new areas for marketing expansion, and ultimately, get more sales.


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