Thursday, April 27, 2006

Website Copyrights, Who Owns?

One company I work with recently had a client who actually followed through with copyrighting their content. The problem this time though was that the client spoke with the company's VP of Marketing who is a complete dope. I mean seriously - a dope (he insisted that link farming was something he wanted to get involved with despite all the resources I threw at him telling him it's bad)!

Now what the VP did was to tell the client that the company can just copy the website files and send it to them. The website files - meaning all coding, source files, and everything.

Now, I had a problem with that because content copy is one thing - but coding is another. That client's site had some proprietary tracking code from me and I was not going to allow that client to copyright any of my code.

Of course, all of this can be avoided simply by addressing copyrights in the contract. This brings to mind just how protective do you get about your intellectual property? If you are the client, do you protect your website copy? If you are the designer, what do you protect? And if you are the SEO and client provides the content, what rights do you have, if any?

While Servaunt has incorporated measures like this in our contracts, I'll still be keeping a close watch on all of this copyrighting and intellectual property issue.


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