Saturday, December 30, 2006

AK Works New Year's Resolution: Regular Posts

Among the things critics and all can lash at me is that this blog is not updated regularly. Between Servaunt, church ministries, personal life and of course, the full time gig - it is hard to find time to blog consistently.

But consistency is always the key. When clients talk to me about blogging for SEO, I always ask them:
  1. Are you doing the writing or are you just linking to news?
  2. What are you going to write about?
  3. Can you and WILL you do it on a consistent basis, at least once a week?
Most never think on these questions and get flustered; "I don't know I just want SEO!" is usually the answer.

Well, I guess I should practice what I preach as well. As a New Year's resolution, I'm resolving to post consistently.

After all, AK Works focuses on small businesses and entrepreneurship and in particular real estate marketing and salon marketing. There is plenty to talk about, teach, and report.

So, AK Works' New Year's Resolution - regular posts.

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