Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Myths of META Tags for SEO Still Persist!

I am often annoyed, vexed, and even infuriated when I deal with people who still talk about META tags for SEO.

META tags, those little tags that are coded like this:

< meta name="keywords" content="blah blah blah" >


< meta name="description" content="blah blah blaaaah" >


I recently had to consult with a friend/business acquaintance because he was left with an e-commerce website that does very little for him. In addition to e-commerce back end short comings, his shopping cart was completely search engine unfriendly.

He told me that the only thing he can do is to change META Tags. Unfortunately, changing META tags, not having ability to recode URLs, and not having access to the source code all work against his website.

Another friend of mine locked herself into a long-term e-commerce package deal before talking to me. Unfortunately for her - the same thing: no control other than META tags.

What's worse for both of these friends of mine is that not only did the companies tell them that's all the access that they have, the companies made it seem like it was their fault for the sites not ranking!

BUT - as I wrote earlier, META tags do NOT work for SEO. The MAJOR search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN do NOT use META tags to rank websites!

So unfortunately for them, until they can get out of their current contracts, they are stuck with sites that underperform.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Return of AK Works - Again!

It's been an eventful time since the last post. AK Works as a blog has been on hiatus - but gaining new life and strength.

AK Works Consulting is launching officially soon. My several companies are changing and some new ventures are in the pipeline.

AK Works the blog, however, will continue to operate as a blog with musings, case studies, and other discussions on SEO.

Also be on the look out for AK Works at Active Rain. The AK Works Active Rain blog is up and running. The focus is primarily on SEO for real estate and mortgage professionals.