Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Church Marketing and CRM

I've been personally espousing the importance of Church Marketing and CRM and apparently, I'm not the only one pushing the importance of Church CRM.

This news came to my attention recently about a new independent marketing consultancy focused on CRM services to churches and other faith-based organizations.

Servaunt recently launched Church CRM services and are planning to develop a more customized, scalable application for ChurchCRM.

Why Church CRM?
Why should a church have a CRM system? CRM is designed to combine lead management and customer service into one application. It centralizes all of this interaction based upon relationship contact with each account.

The members of a church are very much like an account. Members join and fall away. Some stay active and some don't. One of the keys having a strong church is active members, serving in ministry, and caring about the health of the church. Conversely, one of the keys to a dying ministry is apathy.

A CRM allows the ministry to actively engage, track, and manage the relationship between the member and the ministry. This systemmatic approach to church membership management is an important step to building and maintaining a vibrant and healthy ministry.

Back in Full Swing

AK Works has been silent for nearly a month as news and other developments have piled up at Servaunt.

A new launch of the Servaunt website is in the works as are relaunches of U.N.I Haire Care, the BCBPA, and many more.

Servaunt will also be launching several new website properties as well and have expanded offerings for startup websites, CRM deployment, realtor marketing, and church marketing.

Stay tuned for these developments. Now on to some News and useful information!